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LSDigital is a document digitization software used by libraries for the purpose of easy management,  multi-access, reduction of storage space of the document and the preservation against spoilage of rare books, research papers, important documents and archived newspapers, maps, etc. The software  has been designed to facilitate easy searching of text in the document. LSDigital is a complete Digital Resource Management System (DRMS) which can be integrated with any twain compliant scanner.


LSDigital Advantages

  •  Implicit integration with LIBSYS database

  •  Full-text and bibliographic searching through LIBSYS OPAC

  •  Converts different data into format of choice (PDF, Doc, etc.)

  •  Define & organizes your data structure / flow according to needs

  •  Supports various image manipulations

… a complete DRMS


Standards Compliance

  • Resource Structure

  • Scanning

  • Version Maintenance

  • Format Conversion

  • Resource Database

  • Maintenance

  • Searching and Retrievals

  •  OAI for metadata harvesting

  •  Dublin Core