LSAcademia covers all aspects of academic administration in a comprehensive manner, ensuring that the institution remains in control of managing academic affairs of students effectively at all times. Based on latest technology, the interactive platforms provided to all stakeholders like student/staff portal and mobile apps, ensure complete transparency and quick sharing of information like student attendance, semester curriculum, timetable, assignments and test and also exam results. Academics comprises of a cluster of modules that handle different activities while working together in sync.

Student Profile

This module accepts student data from the Admission module and facilitates the maintenance of a comprehensive profile of each student. This student profile, linked with all other LSAcademia modules supplies student information for other processes. Student ID cards can be generated as required and can be barcode or RFID based..


Student attendance can be marked using the faculty's smart phone/tablet, the faculty portal or integrated with biometric readers. LSAcademia’s mobile app also offers the option for Bluetooth based attendance which is fully automated and fast, thus saving on valuable teaching time. Alternatively, attendance records can be also be punched cumulatively, on weekly or monthly basis. The students can view their attendance stats on the students portal.

Curriculum Setup

LSAcademia lets institutes structure the curriculum setup in accordance to the various Programs / Subject Streams offered, thereby providing capability to handle complex curricula with ease. This module can be deployed for semester system, trimester system, or any other term system.

Time Table

An optimum utilisation of teaching resources and rooms can be achieved by generating a timetable using a comprehensive algorithm via this module. This timetable can be modified manually, and faculty/teacher substitution can be exercised as required.

Learning Triggers

This innovative module helps monitor syllabus progress and takes teaching to a new level with online assignments and study material submission. Students can access and interact with these seamlessly via the Communication Portal.


LSAcademia can handle different evaluation processes adopted by various academic boards/councils and universities. This module provides flexibility in defining evaluation structure in terms of tests, assignments, tutorials, practical, projects and examinations of different Programs / Subject Streams. The faculty can maintain performance of students continuously using interactive screens or smartphones/tablets, and results can be published online on the Communication Portal or e-mailed as and when desired. Various result analysis reports give the management a unique and accurate way to monitor the performance of the institution.