A suite of modules that automates a wide range of functions related to the general administration of the campus. It comprises of modules like File Circulation, Events & Meetings, Hostel Management, Guest House, Health Management, Transport, Litigation Management, Campus Security and Facility Management. Each module has comprehensive functionality to handle the specific processes.

File Circulation

This module helps in online approval of official files and tracking of their movement. It gives complete flexibility to define multiple approval hierarchy/groups. The system automatically moves the file up or down the hierarchy depending upon the status marked by the user. The user can approve or reject a file and put remarks/reasons for the same.

Events and Meetings

The module helps in efficiently managing various events and meetings being organised in the campus. Events can be categorised and committees can be formed for resource allocation. The registration of events can be done followed by their scheduling where after they are visible in the academic calendar on the Web portal. The individuals or teams interested in participating can register for an event from their portal. The results of an event can be published in the portal. Similarly a meeting can be called by defining the agenda, date, time, duration and location of the meeting and creating a participants lists. All the participants get intimation for the meeting in their portal, email or sms. Minutes of meeting can be recorded and shared with participants.

Hostel Management

LSAcademia adequately addresses the needs of boarding institutions through its Hostel module. The structure of the hostel can be defined in details and represented through a map. Rooms can be allocated individually or in bulk to a batch/group. Student lockers can be maintained. There is provision to mark hostel attendance and record hostel incidents. For Hostel Mess, stock inventory of items can be maintained. There is provision to record mess attendance based on which mess bill of a student is generated. The mess income/expense bill can be generated based on the consumption and earnings of the mess.

Guest House

On-campus Guest House can be easily managed through this module. The room structure and boarding/lodging rates can be setup. Room status checking or booking can be done at the service desk or through faculty portal. System displays real-time occupancy status of rooms. Tax invoice can be generated and payment received from the guest.

Health Management

This module helps in managing medical facilities on the campus and monitoring health related incidents for all students. Comprehensive records of student health can be maintained. Health alerts can be sent via Email/SMS. A health certificate can also be generated. The Dispensary Management sub-module helps in inventory control of medicine stocks. The scheduling of doctor’s appointments can be done. The doctor can view a patient’s medical history and record his observations. He can recommend tests and allot medicines.


This system lets the Transportation Section plan the routes for the vehicles ferrying the students and staff. Using the Google Maps the system can intelligently suggest the best route and the pick-up point based on the address of a student. It also automatically determines the transportation fee applicable based on the pre-defined fee slabs. The system can be integrated with GPS devices for real-time tracking of vehicles moving on the routes. To manage in-house fleet of vehicles the transport in-charge can create duty schedule of the drivers/conductors and can also maintain their attendance record. Vehicle Maintenance can be used to define their maintenance schedule and the system gives alerts whenever a vehicle is due for maintenance. When a vehicle goes for repair, the details can be recorded in the system including the cost of repair. Fuel consumption can also be recorded to monitor the performance of vehicle.

Litigation Management 

This module is extremely useful in managing the RTI applications and legal cases coming to the institute. Each RTI Application can be assigned a unique id and the response can be recorded along with uploading of supporting documents. Each legal case can be tracked through a unique case identification number. There are auto-reminders for upcoming case hearings based on the schedule created. The system captures all the details of the legal case, including the final decision, along with all the supporting documents. User can always search and draw information from RTI and Legal Case repository, as required.

Campus Security

This module maintains a log of all the visitors moving in and out of the campus. The system can generate gate pass for the individual visitors and has the capability for integration with CCTV Cameras and Access Control Systems based on biometric or RFID technology. Similarly there is provision to manage the vehicle parking including issue of parking slips/tokens. It also provides comprehensive functionality to manage a team of security staff which includes maintaining their detailed profiles, creating and monitoring their duty schedules and marking their attendance.