A complete integrated HRMS system for Academic Institutions for managing the entire life cycle of the staff, right from recruitment till their relieving. The database of all staff is maintained including their personal details, work experience and reimbursements/insurance policies, etc. Their attendance is marked on daily/cumulative basis and leave records updated. There is comprehensive work flow to evaluate the performance of staff and take decisions regarding their appraisals. Employee feedback forms, exit interviews, relieving letters are processed from the HRMS software system.


This module is meant to simplify candidate management and overall hiring process. It is a powerful and user-friendly tool for hiring the right talent through the process of Requisition, Vacancy and Applicant management. Requisition for manpower is raised and on approval, the job vacancies are generated and posted online. The job response received can be compiled and analysed. Scheduling of interviews and sending intimation letters/messages is done through the system. Performance of candidates is evaluated for final selection. Job offers are generated and printed or sent through email. External recruitment agencies can also be managed in the HRMS software system.

Staff Management

Acting as a central repository of employee data, this module enables the HR manager in maintaining staff details, their movements between branches & departments, probations, contract extensions, promotions, transfers, retirements, exits by simplifying the documentation and reviewing processes. A comprehensive search is provided for retrieving employee information. The module provides leave reports, attendance report, skill metrics, health records and monetary data. Customized employee reports can be generated based on any selection criteria.

Leaves & Attendance

This module automates timekeeping & attendance related processes. It helps improve the workforce management and minimize errors in enforcement of organisation’s attendance policies through employee timesheets. It can be integrated with biometric or RFID devices for capturing attendance. Linked to it is the Absences/Leaves module which provides a comprehensive leave tracking system. Here leave types, day-offs and holidays can be defined. It automates application approval process and displays information on leave entitlement, balance, history etc. The leaves summary of all or a group of employees can be viewed.


The payroll module automates the salary generation process by gathering data from the human resources and time keeping modules to calculate monthly salary. It takes into account a wide range of variables such as attendance, travels, staff benefits, insurances, loans, conveyance, taxes, etc. There is option for payroll based on sixth pay commission as well as seventh pay commission regulations of government of India.

Exit Management

Manages the employees’ exit and termination processes. It initiates the separation process, leads the employee through the formalities and gets through necessary documentations. The system relapses the various staff insurance permissions and accesses to confidential areas at work. It also receives and records the valuable feedback from the employee about the organization.

Benefits & Reimbursements

LSAcademia provides centralized management and tracking of all travel requests, approvals and reimbursements as per defined policies. This module enables the staff to review and approve all requests from a single window. A complete record of benefits accruing to a staff, like mobile expenses, insurance policies, mediclaim etc. can be easily managed through HRMS software.

Pension & PF

LSAcademia  provides a generic process to calculate Pension and Retirement Benefits like Leave Encashment/ Gratuity Processing and commutation Processing. It also records employees enrolled  in the Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) and EPS (Employee Pension Scheme). 

Performance Appraisal

There is comprehensive work flow to evaluate the performance of staff and take decisions regarding their appraisals. The performance appraisal forms can be created and provided to the staff, as required. The same can be viewed, filled and submitted by the staff in their staff portal and they reach the HR and immediate supervisor. The students can also give their feedback about a course faculty through feedback form in their portal. The feedback/remarks get compiled into a report which can be used to take decision regarding the performance of the staff.

Document Repository

LSAcademia provides the option to maintain a document repository where the user can store all the previous years forms, templates, employees’ data, their submitted documents and access them quickly. The documents stored in digital form can be easily retrieved using the available search options. This minimizes the need to maintain physical copies of documents thus greatly reducing the burden of HR team.