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Our Teams

LIBSYS seeks out the best talent from the premier institutes across India to foster innovation for the benefit of our customers. Our employees work in an environment that encourages the open, free expression of innovative ideas.

Business Group Roles

Software Development Group Roles

  •  Direct Selling

  •  Tender Selling

  •  Special Projects

  •  Marketing Communications

  •  Brand Management

  •  Product Design

  •  International Marketing

  •  Vendor Management

  •  Key Account Management

  •  Customer Relationship Management

  •  Requirement Analysis

  •  Technical Writing

  •  Interface designing

  •  Website development

  •  Java Professionals

  •  Programming Engineers

  •  Database Management

  •  Integration with RFID

  •  Testing Engineers

  •  Quality Assurance

Planning Group Roles

Operations Group Roles

Technical Support Group Roles

  •  New Businesses

  •  New Geographical Markets

  •  Investments

  •  Departmental goals, policies and procedures

  •  Finance Planning

  •  Infrastructure

  •  Manpower & HR Allocation

  • Installation of LIBSYS Products

  • Deployment of RFID System

  • Requirement Analysis

  • Turn-Key projects

  • Digitization projects

  • Customer care

  • Computing Infrastructure

  •  Periodic Client visits

  •  Installation of products

  •  Query Resolution

  •  Troubleshooting at client site

  •  Installation of updates

  •  Forwarding sales leads











Our Teams



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