LSAcademia Campus Management System

A contemporary ERP for large Academic campuses encompassing processes and work flow as exist in all the four major areas of Academics Administration, HRMS, Procurement and Stores, and Financial Accounting besides campus administration functions. In-depth functionality along with flexibility in configuring complex processes is the hallmark of our academic ERP for deployment in large universities. Web portals to be accessed through laptops and Mobile APPs keep all the stakeholders in touch with the latest status on academics and campus matters thereby resulting in an efficient campus management system.

LSALite is an affordable automation solution derived from LIBSYS's popular academic ERP system 'LSAcademia'. It automates all essential activities of an academic institution and encapsulates complete student life cycle management integrated with HRMS, Procurement & Stores, and Campus administration including integration with standard Financial system. LSALite though an economical solution, is an ideal deployment for institutions looking for a comprehensive campus management system automating all their essential activities.

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