Library Spaces

LSd&A is our endeavor to avail our experience and expertise of Library domain to libraries. Library design and architecture is a specialist area and there are various aspects to be taken care of in order to create a delightful Library experience. LIBSYS has a library specialist team of designers and architects who give valuable consultancy services. We also have developed and patented end to end and most contemporary designs for all the library attributes to address the specific requirements of this niche field.

LSd&A Advantages 

  • Complete architectural work
  • Interiors designing and execution
  • Furniture designing, Fabrication management and supply:
  • Library shelves (static, mobile)
  • Seating furniture (basic, lounge, contemporary, specialty such as for children space)
  • Circulation desks, Carrels, Drop boxes and kiosks
  • Lighting
  • Miscellaneous Library materials (such as Atlas stands, display cases, bulletin boards, etc.)
  • Stationery designing including member cards and supply
  • Web site designing
  • LSmart Kiosks and interfaces designing, fabrications and supply
  • Speciality Consulting for architectural designs specific to a library requirements

......Making every Library look good