symphonyX - Changing Paradigm in Classroom Learning 

symphonyX - Classroom Learning Management System has been conceived to enable seamless interaction between faculty and its students during the course in a semester. There could be multiple classrooms for the same course of study having same or different faculty in charge. Thus institute can create multiple classrooms for all the courses conducted during a semester. Classroom takes shape by defining its weekly schedule of lecture periods and thereafter lecture plan for different sessions during the semester. The lecture plan can have topics assigned to various sessions along with contents in the topics. There could be tutorials structured for effective classrooms where faculties for multiple tutorials could be different than course in-charge.

The faculty interface of symphonyX provides for a daily schedule, To do Things, next scheduled lecture along with topic to be covered, next assessment such as Quiz or Exam or Project submission, next due assignment, activities on discussions initiated by faculty, queries by students, polls results, events, and blogs etc. The daily schedule besides having scheduled lectures also has assessment including assignment scheduled, To do schedule, actions to be taken on various alerts generated in symphonyX. All the classrooms being handled by a faculty for various courses are presented in a common interface. The alerts are generated on attendance, assessment, assignment along with communication features such as discussions, polls, queries, and events etc.

The student interface updates the students about coming deadlines for assignment, Quiz session, Examination date, Project submission date, Poll closing date, Discussion ending date, and Event date etc. It also provides highlights of next lectures along with topic contents for each course, own performance assessment and its comparison with classroom, status of discussions, events, polls, queries, and blogs etc. The alerts are generated at various stages of proceedings in the classroom. The interface also has daily schedule for various activities related to various classrooms

Through the Admin interface of symphonyX - Classroom Learning Management System, one can set up various classrooms for the active semester in the institute. For a classroom, faculties in various roles can be assigned along with students registered for the courses, the lecture plan, the assessment plan and schedule for assignments, quizzes, project submission, and exams. The tutorials structure if any for a classroom is defined for a classroom. Faculty interface provide for creation of any of these if not done by Admin and any of these structures can be updated by faculty at anytime. The additional features include relative grading scheme for assessment of students in a classroom, online assignment grading, etc.