Student Lifecycle Management

The symphonyX Student Lifecycle edition extends beyond Classroom Learning, providing a process flow to manage education programs throughout the academic year and its many stages, till the issuance of the degree. The Student Lifecycle Setup starts with defining infrastructure in various campuses and uploading the faculty details, the students records and the past assessment data. symphonyX supports a comprehensive course credit based curriculum for each program of study, providing complete flexibility in defining assessment plans as per the institute’s evaluation requirements.

For a new academic year, the records of admissions can be downloaded into symphonyX. The students’ records, including their status in the campus, can be updated at any time. The changes in degree curriculum can be done easily whenever required. The default performance assessment plan at college and department level or course specific assessment can be defined through an extensive framework in symphonyX. A comprehensive framework is provided to measure the learning outcomes for each course/program dynamically. symphonyX also generates annual academic reports to meet all statutory requirements.

While planning for a new semester, symphonyX’s powerful student registration interface helps students select and register for courses, including their preferred faculty and timings for each course. Subsequently, the academic Admin can create classrooms from student’s registration data using built-in web services. As the semester ends, the course grades are provided based on the assessment plan and the semester’s results can be published.

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