Access Library Resources Remotely

LSRemote facilitates managing of all e-resources of an institute whether subscribed or in-house developed e-repositories. It provides access of resources from anywhere and at any time. Whether inside the campus or from the comfort of your residence or from anywhere in the world. The ‘Advanced’ version of LSRemote provides for ‘One search’ facility including physical collection of your library. So with ‘one search’, you have the information about all resources of your Library on your finger tips. Moreover, you can have statistics of usage of all subscribed resources online anytime which could be Department wise or resource wise.

Functional Scope:

Manage Resources

  • Subscribed E-resources
  • Other E-resources
  • Links of interest
  • Content provider
  • Authority Files

Users Management

  • Users
  • Authentications
  • Categories

LSRemote Control

  • Listed IPs
  • Password Policies
  • Bandwidth Display
  • Subscription Management
  • Portal Setup

Usage Statistics and Reports

  • Current logged-in users
  • E-resource usage
  • Login stats
  • Most active users
  • Least used resources
  • Highly used resources
  • SUSHI Configuration

Support on Subscription

  • Get Support
  • Help
  • Report errors
  • Downtime stats

Email Setup

  • Templates
  • Server Details


  • Cloud based cost effective solution
  • Effective solution for optimizing e-resources usage in most secured manner
  • Access full text from anywhere, any device
  • Single sign on 
  • Self registration
  • Importing of patrons record in batch mode
  • Flexible Authentication (LDAP / OAUTH / SAML)
  • Comprehensive usage statistics (by department, category, publisher etc.)
  • Option to integrate with LSDiscovery service


  • Hosted on Cloud ensuring 99.9% uptime
  • Provides full Web Security as CERT-In certified
  • WASC 24 secured
  • Tested for OWASP top 10 threats worldwide
  • Users Data is secured as LSDiscovery uses SHA-1, SHA-256 encryption of passwords, critical data AES encryption, and user activity logging.
  • Deployment is Scalable as designed to avoid SPOF (Single Point of Failure) and load balancing for large traffic/transactions.
  • The ‘LSRemote’ search engine interface is also available on the mobile APP.

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