LIBSYS 10 Library Management System

The present times demand Library Management System to deliver much more than operational efficiency. It needs to create appreciable staff satisfaction and a delightful experience for the patrons every time they interact with the system. LIBSYS is committed to delivering value to the libraries through its products. In-depth understanding of library operations, implicit needs of the patrons, and dedicated R&D efforts have guided us to deliver high-quality products that have found wide acceptance in the market space.

The new Web-based Library Management System ‘LIBSYS 10’ provides a greatly enhanced user experience through value-added features and services. LIBSYS 10 is built on international standards and open technologies, i.e. JAVA. It covers Acquisition, Cataloguing, Circulation, Serials, Articles Indexing, E-Books, Dean and Vendor Portals along with an enriched OPAC. Its seamless work-flow enables library staff to manage library operations efficiently. New purchase approvals, collection development, material handling, SDI services, bindery management, and a host of other functions form an integral part of the system. MARC21 / RDA interface, Cooperative Cataloguing along with controlled authority files helps in Cataloguing on the fly. Federated Searching brings other libraries of similar collection within your reach. LIBSYS 10 is a smart library management system covering all the needs of library automation in India and abroad. 

LIBSYS Library Management System in India has been deployed in many prestigious institutes. LIBSYS 10 caters to all the needs of library automation improving the efficiency of libraries and providing a delightful library experience through continuous technological innovations. With rich experience of more than three decades along with continuous innovation, LIBSYS has emerged as the best library management system in India.

We also undertake special projects which include multi-location library automation and RFID system implementation. The projects are executed by specialized teams comprising of experienced professionals from Library and IT domains. Our customer-focused services also include consulting to meet individual needs, organizing User meets, and providing regular software updates. 

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LSEase - Small Library Management System Software

LIBSYS has an option of LSEase, Library Management System that is a perfect solution for the automation of small libraries and resource centers with basic needs. It is derived from LIBSYS 10 software and is a cost-effective value proposition. 

LSEase configures the entire library workflow easily with the latest software technology. A powerful yet simple solution for the automation of Libraries and Resource Centers having a small setup. Derived from LIBSYS, the most trusted Integrated Library Management System in India, LSEase stands a league apart in features and reliability. A product designed to effectively manage and correlate all the library needs, LSEase blends the library workflow with the latest software technology. Already many schools, colleges, institutes, corporate are enjoying the benefits of LSEase. 

LSEase has established itself as a cost-effective, affordable Integrated Library Management System Software and has become equally popular as LIBSYS in the library community. To keep pace with the changing needs of the libraries, LSEase has adopted a new approach with its latest Releases/Editions incorporating advanced features like: 

  • MARC 21 Cataloguing
  • Z39.50 based Net Cataloguing
  • Barcode enabled with an option for RFID/EM integration
  • Integration with Smart Card/Biometric readers
  • More interactive and enhancement Web OPAC
  • Full Unicode support
  • RDBMS based back-end
  • Integration of Multi-location libraries

Libraries can opt for Web OPAC providing advanced GUI interface and searching feature through an industry-standard Web Browser. Web OPAC adds to user satisfaction through value-added features like Library Bulletin board, APIs such as Google-books, Bookfinder, LibraryThing. etc. 

LSEase special edition is based on fully web Centric LIBSYS 10 which has been grown on the concept Web 3.0 that aims to facilitate information sharing, interoperability, and collaboration among libraries giving a delightful experience to the users. In addition to all the standard features of LSEase, it also provides full Unicode support and option for RDBMS backed. Being fully web-based, it can manage multi-location libraries having a centralized acquisition process. 

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