Library Circulation System

Take your library services to next level by using state of the art automated library circulation system. Easy and powerful interface to handle circulation transactions, alerts, greetings, reminders, fine etc. Manage your services and your collection using powerful reports and statistics. Seamless integration with Bio-metrics and Smart Cards helps you perform transactions with enhanced security and accuracy. Integration with e-mail, SMS, Payment Gateway, ERP gives added cutting edge to your services. Built for multi-site and single site use and administration, system can accommodate the most demanding circulation requirements with flexible and scalable configuration options. You can dynamically apply those options based on transaction location and more. Inter-library loan and circulation helps you optimizing usage of the resources. Offline transaction processing helps you always keep your show running even if you are offline. Exhaustive statistics and reports are available which helps you in understanding usage of the library, helps you build your collection, improve staff efficiency and service standards.

LIBSYS 10 gives you the opportunity to take your automated library circulation system to new heights by use of RFID / EM / Hybrid Technology. Choose LSmart / KSmart system as per your budget and requirements. Use of these technologies will help in hassle free, accurate and faster issue / return of books, inventory visibility, accuracy and efficiency, increases security function in the library, improved utilization of resources like manpower, infrastructure etc., give flexible library timings. The bottom line is that the synergy between the latest technology like RFID and libraries can create wonders resulting in empowerment of both users as well as librarians.


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