Library Acquisition System 

The module has been designed from the ground-up to provide a significantly more streamlined work flow for library staff and to offer greater fiscal control, security and insight into the ordering process. Whether you have large multi-location libraries setup, centralized procurement, distributed ordering management - the LIBSYS 10 automated library acquisition system is capable of efficiently managing all kinds of work-flow. View your holdings, copies on order for each title, compare line-item budget amounts, check vendor performance, compare quotes, seek approvals, manage donations and integrate with your other systems to share data and automate your business processes.

The automated acquisition system in library helps to manage ordering process your way, add preferred vendors to your selections and empower your staff. Our automated acquisition system in library reduces time consuming work and enhances the overall efficiency in ordering and provides necessary management information reports.

Specialized work flows like marking and sending books for Digitization process, GST management, Donation management, Lost Books Recovery, blacklisting of vendors, Users request handing, Exhaustive budget management gives flexibility and edge. Vendor rating system gives library flexibility to define parameters important for them for evaluating vendors performance like timely delivery, communication, discounts etc. and generate vendor ratings for selecting the best vendor for ordering. Report scheduler helps you schedule automatic reminders for sending to vendors against overdue books.

Vendor Portal gives effective interface between Library and Vendors, allow vendors to submit quotes online, update delivery status, view orders, submit invoices and track payment.


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