Omnichannel CRM

LIBSYS Omnichannel CRM software branded as LSales1 has features to capture all customer information and keep them on a central repository to provide complete 360 degree view of the customer. Single view of customer helps to engage them better by personalizing the sales, service and marketing efforts. It manages one-to-one customer interaction, acquire more leads information and closing deals faster.

  • 360- degree Customer profiling with Customer Dashboard & Wishlist
  • Notifications via E-mail/SMS
  • Customer Support

Providing personalized services leads to customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention.

With our Omnichannel CRM Lsales1, managers can quickly access sales data and get view of sales pipeline. Workforce efficiency can be monitored and actions can be taken accordingly. Also by viewing the data, it can be identified where most of the efforts are spent in a sales cycle.