Procurement, Warehouse & Inventory Management

LSNetX suite of systems ensures that enterprises don’t lose sales because of products going out of stock and at the same time there is no overstocking of products in the inventory resulting in unnecessary costs. Our procurement system facilitates purchasing products at the lowest price by securing competitive rates from various suppliers and arranging delivery schedules as per demand. 

It takes care of the entire procurement process including acquisition and checking of products from vendors. Moreover, it provides a streamlined procurement process between buyers and suppliers wherein buyers can create bids, RFPs and RFQs. 

Our software helps to track product movement within the warehouse. A retail enterprise can easily automate warehouse operations with LSNetX and manage inventory locations and transactions. The inventory is maintained all the time for timely procurement and transfer of goods from warehouses to stores. Large enterprises having multiple warehouses can distribute their stock ensuring cost-effective and timely transportation of goods to shopping stores.