Asset Management

LSAsset Management System uniquely identifies any object by affixing an RFID tag. It facilitates tracking and management of tagged items.

An RFID tag is attached with the assets and each tag is allocated a unique number for identification. The LSAsset Management system is used to keep the record of all the assets. It can be used to handle issue and return of the assets. With RFID hand held device, we can easily track the assets for reporting and auditing purposes. The organizations manage the purchase requisition & acquisition cycle of the inventory with LSmart software. You can track items being issued, returned, stolen or missing. You can also manage the asset life cycle which includes maintenance, depreciation, writing-off etc.

Benefits :- 

  • Fast and easy audits on assets
  • Complete Issue and Return management cycle and reports
  • Secure and reliable solution
  • Different tags for different assets like electronic, metals, wet items, heat elements.