File Tracking 

Locating files and documents is one of the biggest problems in offices today. Large number of man hours are consumed for locating misplaced files. LSFile Tracking System solves this problem effectively.

Our RFID based file tracking system helps in maintaining visibility of moving items in or out of the departments. The solution is designed to present a real time view of the files across different departments and can be configured for a multi-tier security of important files.

All files are tagged with an RFID chip. Using LSmart software, each tag is allocated a unique number for identification of the file. As and when required, with an RFID hand held device, we can locate the file easily even if it is misplaced on the shelf. The LSFile Tracking software tracks the custody of files as well.

Benefits : -

  • Search and locate the files or documents easily
  • Track the movement of the files
  • Limit the access to files or documents based on authorization
  • File issue and return history with remarks 
  • Protection against theft and unauthorized access