Inventory Management 

LSInventory Management System provides complete inventory tracking and control of the warehouse or a store’s inventory. Automatic stock monitoring, optimizing the stock levels, purchase orders & goods receipts, returns and exchange are some basic features of the software. LSmart RFID technology enables each product to be tracked throughout the supply chain.

RFID technology has improved operational efficiency and productivity in warehouses and stores. With LSmart RFID technology, companies are already increasing effectiveness of their inventory operations. Each RFID tag attached with stock unit gives input to our software application that is used to optimize various operations including planning and control of inventory.

Benefits : -

  • Inventory Optimization
  • Manage low-stocks or out-of-stocks to increase product availablity and sales
  • Optimize slow moving inventory and increase shelf space & cash-flow
  • Prevent pilferage and theft
  • Automated stock-counts with RFID hand held device
  • Real-time data and reports about inventory